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  Catamarans - Tomorrow's Superyachts  
  by Gregor Tarjan  

Reviewed in SAILING March 2010:

Today’s super catamarans are showstoppers in every sense of the word. One keeps wondering how there can be any room for improvement; how the lines can possibly be more elegant, the build more beautiful, functional and luxurious. In other words, what else can tomorrow’s super cats offer? This book, written by one of the world’s leading authorities on multihulls, gives us a comprehensive look at the vessels at the top end of today’s luxury sailing lifestyle, and then allows us a fascinating peep into the future.
He is aided and abetted by Billy Black and some incredible photographs; so in effect, the book is something of a reference book that can double as a coffee table book.
Tarjan explains what to look for when buying such a craft or chartering, compares mono and multihulls, presents interviews with leading designers, offers advice on building, sailing and owning these luxury vessels, and ends with that look into the future.
Reading the text and looking at the pics, I was reminded of the advice given to a potential buyer in a luxury car showroom: "If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford the car!" The same applies here. For the handful who are able to afford one of these catamarans - there is nothing under 65ft - there is a great deal of information, and a read will leave them well equipped to spend a sizeable fortune wisely.
For the rest of us, well, drool, and dream on.

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