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  RYA Working with Water  
  by Jeremy Evans  

Reviewed in SAILING May 2010:

There are just a few organisations in South Africa geared to qualify anyone contemplating a career in the marine industry, and the local courses by no means cover all the avenues now opening up in the ever-expanding recreational boating business.
If their brand new publication is any guideline, then the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) seem to have covered all the bases, and then some, in an effort to ease the paths for young sailors wishing to break into the industry.
The book shows the types of jobs on offer, and the field is vast. It explains how to go about getting a job, what qualifications are needed, and it provides a checklist to help the job seeker avoid the pitfalls when casting about.
On the water, one can qualify as instructor/coach from windsurfing to dinghies, to yachmaster. With the right qualifications, one can be a lock-keeper, a pro racer, a delivery skipper, a sailmaker. Boat building and designing are other avenues, as are administration and management (of sailing schools, charters, flotillas and any other boating business). The choices are endless; and if not always financially rewarding, then very satisfying in other ways.
The book has a novel way of explaining it all ­ by interviewing people who are still involved in Śworking with waterą and people who have made a success of their chosen career. It amounts to a very interesting read, and it points decisively to the first step, or the next step, for those either searching for a full time job, or simply trying to find an enjoyable way of having fun and earning money in a gap year.

Price: (South African Rands):   R 230
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